When reading my blog you may have stumbled upon my photo project „Ungeschminkt!“ which means: No Make Up!. Ok, I admit it is a very long time ago that I did the last photo shoot for this project. By far too long! The reasons are coplex and not really important here. Much more important is my absolute wish to continue this project. For this there are some reasons:

The Reality

The original reason why I started the project in the first place is more relevant than ever. More and more studies and reports are published which show and proof how much especially women suffer from a more and more disconnected picture of the world (mostly Instagram) and the resulting body image. Thriving for the perfect look is reaching bad dimensions and has sometimes distructive effects for the psyche and therefore health. To see yourself in the selfie mode with various filters activated distorts reality extremely and therefore the self perception. The look in the mirror is often a complete disappointment and leads to depression, eating disorders or to cosmetic surgery.

Pressure of the society

There is more to that. Those altered and manipulated images not only make women sick but they also form an image within society how a woman has to look. The ideal of beauty among women is shown formed and manipulated in so many ways and on so many levels that a totally strained and completely disconnected image of women is formed which we all accept as „normal“.

What can I do against it?

Does it sound dramatically? Yes it does. And it is! As I mentioned above there are so many studies and reports. But I do not want to complain about it. I want to do something against it. And what I do best is taking photos. 😊📷

Model wanted!

So I am looking for models which want to be part of this project. As you can see from my first examples the age is irrelevant. My aim is to shoot photos, that proof, that there are no ugly people. I am completely convinced of this and this is what my project is about. There is an insane variety of bodies; with hair, without hair, pimples, spots, moles, cellulite, freckles, scars and much much more. THAT is normal and THAT has to be shown.

There is only one rule: You have to come without make up to the photo shoot. No make up, no eyeliner, no push-up bra, no shaping wear or whatever. Just pure and completely natural.

If you are only looking for new photos from you this project is not the right one for you. If you are really into activism and want to proof a point, than you are absolutely welcome.

if you want to be part of it, 👉 contact me . I am traveling a lot and are quite flexible about the location. 

Reading tips on the topic

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