Hi, I'm Anna.


From Apprenticeship to Passion: My Journey as a Photographer

I embarked on my photography journey as an apprentice, honing my craft and skills. The Rhein-Sieg Academy provided a rich educational experience, but my heart always gravitated back to photography. Authenticity became my forte, especially in capturing surprising perspectives for the tourism industry. And throughout this creative journey, my enduring love for black-and-white photography has been my steadfast companion for over three decades. 📸🌟

Portrait Photography

Ah, how could I forget? Portrait photography has been my constant companion, weaving its magic through my lens. The art of capturing personalities, emotions, and stories in a single frame—it’s both challenging and exhilarating. Whether it’s a candid smile or a contemplative gaze, portraits hold a special place in my heart. 📷❤️

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