Flashback – Helsinki 2012

Back in 2012 we went to a trip to Helsinki. In that year Helsinki was the World Design Capitol and loaded with exhibitions across the town. At that time I was quite interested in the architecture of Helsinki and found some amazing spots. It is also quite interesting to look at older photos, what perspective I chose and how I edited them. I’m sure, today I would take some different angels and would process the photos differently, but I still like some of them. 😊

Concert hall – Musiikkitalo

This building is quite challenging for a photographer, because there are barely straight lines or clear symmetry for orientation and setting up the camera. But this is also the fun part, right? 😁

Website Musiikkitalo

Temppeliaukion Kirkko

This is a super impressive church build into the rocks of Helsinki. Normally a church is a place of quietness and peace. But on that day there were so many people who absolutely didn’t care. It was super noisy and nearly stressful. Anyhow, the architecture is totally worth to see.

Website Temppeliaukion Kirkko

Here’s a little video I made to document this noisy and turbulent atmosphere.

The old national library of Finland

This is such a beautiful, old architecture. Lucky me at that time there were only a few people inside so I could easily take some photos.

Website National Library of Finland

Kamppi Chapel

Another church but this time it was indeed quite and peaceful. Absolutely stunning atmosphere inside.

Website Kamppi Chapel

Kääntöpöytä – Turntable Helsinki

This is a super cool example on how to reuse old infrastructure. This area was turned into a community farm and event location.

Website Kääntöpöytä – Turntable


I’m not sure if this is still a thing in Helsinki, but back then owning an oldtimer and cruising through the town was quite a popular activity. I spotted this beauty right beside the rock church.

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma | Finnish National Gallery

I only got one chance to take a photo, because inside the museum it wasn’t allowed to take photos.

Website Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

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