Survey Portrait Photography

Hi I’m Anna, a professional photographer and I’m doing a little survey about portrait photography and would like to get your opinion. So if you have a couple of minutes left, I would be happy to get your perspective. 🤗

If you have any questions regarding the survey,  just let me know.

1. Have you ever had a portrait photo shoot? (besides a selfie 😁)
2. If you've ever had one, were you happy with the result?
3. If you want to have a portrait of yourself, who should take this photo?
4. If you would hire a professional photographer, what are the main criteria for choosing the right one?
5. Where or how would you search for a photographer?
6. What could be a reason or occasion where you need a portrait?
7. What should be the best length for a photo shoot?
8. What location would you prefer for a photo shoot?
9. Do you feel comfortable in front of the camera?
10. What could make you feel comfortable or even more comfortable to be in front of a camera?
11. How old are you?

All information will be collected anonymously.

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